VAST™ Vehicle Analysis & System Test

The more efficient the interface, the less time it will take to complete a given task.

The VAST™ methodology is based upon assessing the ability of a person to use a Small Screen Interface product, while doing another demanding task.  We call this context of use a High Performance Interface (HPI).

The context of use, could be driving, walking, standing, engaged in a sporting activity or seated in a restricted position for long periods of time, like on an aeroplane seat. For example it can cover operators of mobile industrial equipment,  where there is a complicated interface, distractive environment and high levels of repetition fatigue.

The VAST™ (Vehicle Analysis & System Test) eliminates any subjectivity by focusing on time.  Its TOC (Time To Completion) parameters creates a standard by which the effectiveness of different Small Screen interfaces can be equally compared. The test was originally developed by DHS for the automotive industry in 2002 but we have successfully applied it to other areas.

Quantitative and Qualitative are to parameters used in the evaluation of High Performance small screen Interfaces. (HPI)


Quantitative: TOC, measuring what increases the response time for users.

Qualitative: Apart from time considerations, it is important to understand any perceptive difficulties which users experience in using a small screen interface.

The interface “bottle neck”

If an interface is efficient, then the flow of data to the user is continuous and in turn he/she executes the required task in the minimum time.  When the data fails to arrive to the user correctly there is what we refer to as a “bottle neck” in the interface.

HDS automotive comprehensive test procedure identifies where these “bottle  necks” occur, as well as why some users and not others. Our methodology is based upon an ergonomic evaluation of a users physical, cognitive and emotional responses to a small screen interface and support hardware.

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