Muscular fatigue

Muscular Fatigue occurs while users (interacting with a touch screen navigation system) suffer tiredness and results in an increasing lack of touch screen accuracy. The other result is increased distraction and the risk of an error induced accident increases.

The reach distance between  a supported control like the steering wheel and  the centrally mounted Sat Nav is considerable as the entire arm is extended and this is not only fatiguing in itself but difficult to do with any precision while driving.

Muscular  Fatigue is not only a problem with screen based interactive solutions. It also occurs when a worker has to use a standard  hardware control.

The measuring and plotting  of muscular fatigue appears in a graph form.  The Muscular fatigue pattern is shown in the photograph below.

Muscular Fatigue analysis is also highly important in  non automotive touch screen products like the one located below in the dialysis clinic.  Here the conditions of use may not be like driving but the dialysis patients spend 4 hours a day 3 times a week in the clinic and operating the TV or radio can be  very uncomfortable.

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