JLR-HDS Multimodal Situational HMI

In May 2012 JLR commissioned us to undertake a “Situational HMI” research.

The project goal was to HMI solutions for reducing driver distraction by developing a situational HMI strategy that would respond to defined driving situations, both internal & external. The vehicle would be able to adapt the modality of information delivery to the driver in safe and intuitive manner. We focused on what the team considered to be one of the most problematic of external driving situation: Small Moving Objects (SMO’s).

Our team drew on over a decade of “multimodal’ – (Auditory, Touch & Visual) HMI research & user testing work. The end result incorporates dynamic patterns, material luminescence, colour and contextual audio. The aim was to develop a pre-emptive response solution to the individual driving situations, optimise the modality of data presentation and increase driver performance and safety.

Moreover given the global nature of the auto industry and specifically the JLR brand, we needed to make solution easier to localize.

We believe that Multi Modal interaction is essential to reduce the increased distraction effect of imported media devices and respond to external situational events. So we developed a multicultural (Non Linguistic centric) multimodal “sensorial” response system. This combines Auditory & Haptic feedback. The intended effect is as if the drivers is connected to the exterior of the vehicle for SMO detection and response.

However the visual aspect is particularly innovative. The team was inspired by the skin colour hue changes in reptiles & cephalopods as they react to threats & their environment. The team proposed an interior fabric which senses and responds to the velocity & proximity of cyclists and Small Moving Objects.


DHS researched micro LED technology embedded/woven into the fabric of the interior fittings to achieve the desired dynamic chromatic effect.

Much credit is due to JLR in taking the DHS concept in its entirety from concept to production with a project product release in 2 years time …

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