In this section is a list of  publications covering research work and conferences.

Most of our recent publications are focused on developing a new multi-modal in-vehicle navigation solution. It is the result of a three year research undertaken with the Department of Bio Engineering at the Politech university of Milan.

In 2011 we published paper on HMI consideration on Networked Electric Vehicles.

Another important part of our research concerns developing an energy management  GUI & software application for Electric Vehicles with a focus on EV Fleet Vehicles.

Between 2009 & 2010 we  participated in and  published  a series of conference papers on “E-Yama” integrated, single energy management application for combining EV with HEM or CEM (Home/Corporate Energy Managment) systems.

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Opening Speech by Minister for Trade & Industry Mr Bat O’Keeffe at the Green Ireland Forum Tokyo March 2009.

In 2003 DHS  presented a paper  on its research into the HMI considerations in down loading map  navigation information, the term was called “Off-board Navigation“.

Ironically with cloud computing this method of remote data delivery is becoming a reality, as a result it has many usability  implications for the driver.

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